Friday, February 21, 2020

Has It Been So Long?

Nope, not so long, no way goodbye, never give up, never surrender, but... sometimes I feel so confident and positive that I'll convince you to start writing to yourself and to me. Sometimes, well...

why do people stay so far away?
do I have bad breath?
a repulsive aura?
smelly energy?

all I want to do is give and help and love
just like the holy words people say come from above
I just want to be kind and keep an open mind
and honesty is all I hope to find

so why does everyone I know leave me far behind?

I must smell really bad
I must make people sad
I must whatever...

... fall asleep laughing, apparently, because the loneliness doesn't keep me awake anymore... in fact, it must bore me.

Nite nite lol...

Narf :)