Tuesday, March 31, 2009

why should i believe?

yeah, why should i believe in love or people, for that matter... all cynical humor aside, almost perfectly, the people i give the most to take the most and give back the least... everywhere i go i find people using people, hurting people, or at least not caring about each other... people pretending goodness is found in some book or in some special words that they choose not to live up to while putting down those who don't pretend... show me one honest person... show me one person who cares more than they pretend to care... show me one person who doesn't just believe, but does love... yeah, why should i believe?... show me.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


did i ever mention how painful doing laundry can be?...

Friday, March 13, 2009

sugar buzz

yeah, so i should be sleeping (as i used to say in the title of my first online daily babblings) and i really should not eat after midnight or even after dark cuz age has slowed the already slow metabolism (probably why the body seems to stay young, it's not burning itself out on it's own... if only i'd stop doing it for it, aye) but instead here i am buzzing on sugar cuz i just ate two cans of pineapples in juice and syrup (i added the syrup myself cuz i prefer pineapple in 100% juice when buying canned pineapple, i mean, in case you wanted to know cuz you were considered what kind of canned fruit to buy me... of course fresh pineapple is even more delicious, but all that cutting can be dangerous after midnight when i am tired or even buzzed after eating a lot of pineapple in 100% juice spiked with syrup)... the buzz feels almost as wonderful as it would feel if i was sharing intimacy with a libido fantasy... almost, i said almost... soon, i will crash and sleep, not long enough, but at least some sleep is better than none in the long run... but for now, oh, the sweet buzz is fun :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009


while most of the time i am too busy these days to feel much of anything other than the excitement of living in the moment and enjoying myself and the challenges i work through at work and on the softball field and in games, there are moments when i want more than just the pleasure of being me and enjoying the moment... in these moments, usually brought on by being all caught up on comment responding and feeling like there's no one in this life who really cares enough to be here and share life with me every day, a moment when when time stands still for a moment, i feel lonely...

this is one of those moments...