Saturday, November 16, 2013

old and new

a hundred years ago, might as well be a thousand, but probably was more like forty (omg, are we that old?) there was so much hope and so much love and so much purity and so much amazing and yet, so much tearing apart of hearts as i loved three people much i would have spent my life with either one, but i was only in love with one of them... the other two were so devoted to me, the one i was in love with asked me, pleaded with me to not tell them, to keep our love a secret... oh what tangled webs we weave... but it was so purely genuinely magic... i wish i could go back and not lose it all... i wish i could go back and find a way to keep the one i fell in love with... but time does not work like that... life does not work like that... so what's new?...

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