Thursday, April 7, 2016

Happy Every Day!

My BFF could not find time for me. I've seen her once since the move. She works a lot. That's the way it is when a BFF falls in love. I am happy for her, but sad for me. Maybe she'll find time next week on her birthday.

I got a couple of Happy Birthday texts and a comment. The friend who is letting me live here came to do some work here. He did not know it was my birthday. It is better that way, no expectations no disappointments. I learned that birthdays were meaningless at a very young age and decided to celebrate every day. I am sad because birthdays mean a lot to her when the person means a lot to her.

I guess I must accept reality and swallow seven years of being used for money. That brings tears. She always said the right words. Still does, every day in texts. Still says Nite Nite, Love You with a big smiley face every night and textes during every day. She just doesn't have the time.

I bought chocolate covered creme filled donuts that I love and am celebrating. Listening to the Moody Blues Blue Jays because John Denver's Seasons of the Heart is just too sad right now. Lenka helps a lot. I love The Show and play it over and over, but I love the whole CD. She makes me laugh. Just enjoy the show. I want my money back lol. Most of me is loving the solitude and free time and donuts.

Happy Every Day! :)

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